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Summer In January

Posted on January 25, 2015 at 9:10 PM

Here are some of my first summer pictures of 2015. Oh, but's JANUARY!!!

Unbelievably warm temps this weekend. It was in the 60's by 9:00am this morning but the dogs seemed to be enjoying themselves anyhow.

I will start with the 2 ends of Ana:


...and funny. She can fit her whole body in that hole.


Sisters Lizzy and Joy.

Lizzy and her aunt Rosie.


Sisters Lizzy and Looker. This is a good shot of the huge size differnce between them.

Orbit and his daughter Nezi.

Love this little curtsey type sit by Nezi.


The rec team knows how to enjoy their time off. Joy, Rosie, and Spirit.

So does Looker.....

......and Drew.

Lizzy having fun in the sun.

This is an interesting picture. Ana turned her head way back to look at me so I took the shot. But what also showed up in the picture was this beam of light pointing right down on her.



Bounder and 2 of his nieces, Ana and Nezi.

It's not easy to get a good picture of Eagle.


Cree. He and his sister Ana are two peas when it comes to digging.


Orbit made an attempt at that little curtsey thing too.

Ahh, that's better.


Happy Cree.

The amazing Orbit.

Apache is pretty amazing too!



I got Eagle to sit still for about 3 seconds for this picture.

Here is a fun little play sequence between Cheyenne and her father Orbit.

Whop! And he's ready for it too!

All done.

She is such a cutie.

Lastly, here is an Alan update. His insurance issues have now been resolved but his surgery will still be pushed back. There will be more to come on this once everything is more clear.

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