Northern Blast Sled Dogs

Carol & Alan Pepsick


The cost of maintaining a mid distance team can become difficult. If you would like to help out by becoming a sponsor and lending financial support you can choose from one of the following programs. Once you choose how you would like to be a sponsor, go to our About Us & Contact Info page for my e-mail address and send me an e-mail indicating your name, where you are from, and how you would like to sponsor. I will send a return e-mail with instructions and you will be posted on this page as one of our sponsors. All sponsors donating $10.00 or more will also receive a bumper sticker indicating their support. Your contribution will help with costs for new gear, race entrance fees - including gas, food, and lodging, unforeseen vet bills and vaccinations, and maintenance of the dog truck, kennel, and anything else!




1.  Sponsor A Race Dog For $25.00 Each

We have 12 dogs available for sponsorship. Go to the Meet The Racing Dogs page to read each of their bio's and see which one grabs your heart. You can pick more than one dog too! There is no guarantee that all the dogs will get to race this year but I plan to make every effort to. When you email me be sure to include who your pick is. Your name will appear as that dogs sponsor underneath their bio. You will also receive e-mail updates making you aware when your dog has been included in any posting's on the website.


2. Sponsor The Team For $20.00

This is a simple donation that is for the whole team, no picking needed. When you e-mail me, please indicate that you want to make a team donation. 


3. Feed The Kennel for $35.00

It costs about $35.00 to feed the kennel for a week with kibble. When training starts, these costs start to go up to more than double the amount with larger portions of kibble, raw meat, and high energy hydration drinks and snacks. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated. When you e-mail me, please indicate that you would like to feed the kennel.


4. Personal Donation

You can make a donation of any size you would like, lesser or greater than the programs listed. Please indicate you are making a personal donation when you e-mail me.


We would like to thank the following sponsors for their support:


Personal Donations



                             Mary Russell, FNP