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Posted on April 13, 2013 at 11:15 AM

Just a few recent changes to mention. After creating the Kennel Tour video last year, I have wanted to also create a video on meeting the dogs as there are really no introductions to them in the tour. Well, I have finally been able to do this although it took 2 videos to accomplish it: a 15 minute girl's video and a 9 minute boy's video. Since I don't have an editing program, I had to do these in one take, the same as the Tour video. This can be a little challenging when the subjects are dogs who don't know they have a part to play in a movie. :D  The dogs mostly did fine however. The part's you'll have to put up with is the close-up shots of each as well as the transitions from one kennel to the other, although I try to do this as quickly as possible. Lastly after reviewing them, I see all the information that I left out as I talk about each, so, by viewing it in the YouTube format, you can read the written description of the information I left out. These two videos can be found up above towards the top of the home page, as well as on Our Husky History page and Meet The Racing Dogs page. I am also adding them here in this blog posting:

Meet The Dogs Part 1: The Girls

Meet The Dogs Part 2: The Boys

Here's another short video I am only posting here. Because we haven't gotten much training in lately, we have been trying to do other things with the dogs to occupy their time and hopefully have fun. So I started to do some simple agility with them. By setting up a plank between 2 tires I was having them jump it, crawl under it and eventually walk it, for those willing. Some were naturals, some weren't. In this video Lizzy is showing how easy this is for her. This was about her 5th attempt, her first was actually the best. While I was placing most dogs on the beam, Lizzy jumps up herself and easily walks it without assistance. On her first time I asked her if she could turn around and walk back. I don't know why this girl understood every word I said and did so quite easily but I was amazed and reminded and how smart these dogs are with human language. In this video, Lizzy does slip at the turn-around but immediately gets her back feet on herself then completes the turn. Also, the beam is much narrower then I would have liked, it was just what I found lying around, and on this day it is wet. (I ran out of memory space right at the end so my last word is cut off.)

Lizzy Does Agility

Back in January, one of my blog postings turned out to be a short story called You Call This Fun? about a crazy sled run we were on just a few days prior. I have now copied this story to my Story Time page so if you enjoyed it, you can now easily review it again. You can also currently get to it easily right off the home page on the side bar on the left. Scroll to the MOST RECENT STORY category.

Parting Shot

I also have been getting a few regular dog pictures from the around the dog yard. Here's one of my favorites:

Do you think these 3 are from the same litter? :) Siblings Joy, Bounder, and Looker.

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