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Posted on March 17, 2013 at 3:45 PM

It's been a while since my last blog posting as we are still in the wake of recent misfortunes and now we, the humans, have been battling some very nasty colds. My symptoms started two weeks ago and I still have mild and very annoying symptoms that just won't let up. It became bad enough that we have both had to take some time off work. I was embarrassed to take time off for a cold, not something I would normally do, but this has been one heck of a bug!

So we haven't done much of anything lately. I wanted to write a posting last weekend but just wasn't up to it. March is our big birthday month and I have missed posting a few. So I will start with birthday wishes to our first litter, the Northern litter, as today is their 8th birthday! Wow! It has been interesting watching this group as they are our start up group. We've watched them grow from newborns to adults, become recreational sled dogs and then into racing dogs, one turned into a mother while the other 2 became an aunt and uncle, they became teachers on the gangline - the first time we have ever had that at our kennel, then the mother turned into a grandmother and the aunt and uncle became greats, they have slowed down a bit in the play yard as they now prefer to watch the youngsters play, and this fall at least 2 will be retired from racing, dropping back down to a recreational team although these 3 may only be half way through their life. It's been a great road with them. Happy Birthday to our 3 muskateers (an old nickname for them): Spirt, Tundra, and Rosie!

(pre digital pic) Here I am with them when they were about 6 weeks old. Rosie is in my arms, Tundra is lying across my lap and Spirit is closest to my feet sniffing the bunny.

(pre digital pic) Here are the 3 muskateers at 4 months sharing a toy. L-R: Spirit, Tundra, Rosie

(pre digital pic) Again at 4 months they all seem to be laughing about something. L-R: Spirit, Tundra, and Rosie. This is a great pic for seeing the spots that Sprit and Tundra have on their tongues, courtesy of their grandfather Sunny.

(pre digital pic) My favorite pic at 2 years old. L-R: Tundra, Spirit, and Rosie.

Here is a picture I took of them on their birthday last year. You know, they just don't seem as thrilled about the whole picture taking process any more. :P

March 9th was our Leap Year litters bithday and somehow they have turned 5 years old! I feel bad for the poor sledding year we had this year. In the prime of their life I am sure they are a bit confused and maybe a little bored. Hoping for a strong upcoming fall season. These guys desrve to be back on the trail. It's difficult to get a picture of these 6 siblings and just can't post the pic-nic table shot again. So I am posting an oldie.

One of my favorites! At 5 weeks old, I call this "Jungle Puppies". They are all in there. I love how it looks like Faith is about to take Looker's face off. Some things never change!

On march 11th Drew turned 7 years old. Although she has always had a certain maturity about her she still has a youthfulness as well, perhaps it is her small size and big heart.

And in case you missed it, last month I posted a new video titled: Large Group, Yard Fun.

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